I'm writing a python program for processing files (no DJango involved). I want ZODB3 and Whoosh that are located on http://pypi.python.org. It must be used inside a major host like Bluehost or Hostgator.

My questions are:

  1. Can One rely on reliable Python 2.7 support from major hosts?
  2. Do they really support other packages (one host has a listing of supported packages and informs us to contact technical support for additional packages), especially if it's offered by the simple_install interface?
  3. Could it be a discomfort to setup?
  4. Will my selection of ZODB (object persistence library, a part of ZOPE) create problems?

It appears a dumb question, however it can most likely save days of time.

Some relevant particulars: Its just for file processing, no DJango needed. ZODB is perfect for object persistence. I do not need to support the ZODB store as possible readily reconstructed.

No you can't rely on any type of Python support from the hoster or any operating-system. Construct your own portable Python distro and can include all of the third party modules that you'll want. Then you've one tarball to set up on any Linux VM and everything just works. Additionally you avoid breaking OS tools that rely on Python for example Webmin since you have your personal separate Python and not touch the machine default one.

Producing Python 2.6.6 and want for exterior packages wxPython, setuptools, etc... in Ubuntu