I am searching for a business providing you with video hosting by having an upload API, for any smaller businesses. Now, I understand YouTube comes with an API for utilizing their technology, however the client does not like the thought of YouTube hosting their content.

Apart from attempting to justify YouTube's API, has anybody were built with a good knowledge about another provider, or are conscious of every other companies who provide these packages on the small company scale where we're able to negotiate rates, advertising options, which comes with an expanding API for designers?

Some firms that spring to mind are VideoEgg, Ooyala, but they are there others that you'd recommend? If that's the case, why?

Thanks, Acorn

Vimeo is my personal favorite. This is actually the developer API link:

http://world wide web.vimeo.com/api

vimeo is excellent, but they're not desigend for small company, they're for creative artists and that i dont think they permit commercial type videos.

There's vzaar which supplies and video hosting service for small company and they've an api. http://api.vzaar.com/

Hope this can help.


We've been using twistage for around 6 several weeks and therefore are happy thus var. There is a good api and that we are presently uploading and delivering videos via their platform.

Likewise try blip.tv that has an api and supports commercial content + unbranded video gamers.

You may also try encoding.com or flixcloud if you would like an api that enables you to definitely keep your video located you own servers and hands from the encoding to a third party. Were utilizing a similar setup and hosting videos in amazon . com s3 as both encoding.com and flixcloud can help to save to s3 containers.