Hi Let me only have the ability to visit a certain a part of a picture on my small site, and i believe basically rememer properly I have to use javascript with this? Could anybody produce a code with this?

More particularly, this is actually the image:

enter image description here

Let me be only capable of seeing the leading from the mind. The diagram with this image is: enter image description here

Thanks. If this sounds like this is not on the best website, it is always good if it may be moved.

You should use CSS to do this. Set the look as background, set height/width from the part you need to see and hang background position to put the part you need to see in to the "window" you produced.

http://world wide web.askapache.com/css/css-background-image-sprite.html

well.. you define a component ( a div ) which ought to be the image "container" and also you set the entire image as it is css "background-image". then you definitely control the image's offset using the css "background-position" rule.
It is possible just with css, however, you can transform the css rules dynamically through javascript.
an example may be the jquery ui page :

you can observe it loads the entire icon-set like a background-image to the icon displayed within the site after which it "moves" the backdrop towards the preferred position through background-position