I personally use WordPress for many websites. I wish to personalize among the Nourishes and make up a template for that outputted data but each time I click the feed link (myurl.com/feed) it requires me to some Google page to combine it with my Google Readers. I personally use Google Readers and normally want anything else to default to that particular, but how do i override it that one time in order to begin to see the raw xml/feed? Thanks.

Use a difference broswer, though most browsers will apply an xsl stylesheet to raw feed data by discovering that it is an rss feed while using http response content type header. I understand that Google Chrome shows some type of raw data for nourishes though it is not exactly pure xml.

You should use Fiddler to determine the response. Or apply certain other http sniffer tool.

The easiest method to view raw RSS is by using CURL within the command line. Browsers can transform the origin (opera particularly) when showing it for you therefore the best factor is to buy it unfiltered from curl.

I made use of a mix of a number of different browsers.