i am dealing with Expensive Live Encoder. It's using camera for streaming video. Discussion board say's will be able to create custom direct show filter and stream data which i need. I cann't know how direct show filter displays within the source listing of the live encoder. I have tryed to make use of some commercial virtual camera also it work's fine, however it cann't use source from network stream.

Summary. I've got a several network streams. I believe which i must to produce virtual camera for every one. But when i've found good examples with direct show filter on C#, i cann't find for virtual camera.

There's a good example here of methods to perform a virtual capture device. You'll have to use C++ to implement it. Additionally, you will need to implement the code to obtain the network stream and parse it into samples for DirectShow to know.

Capture Source Filter filter (version .1) 86 KB zipped, includes binaries. An example source filter that looks like a video capture device led...video capture device led...