I've got a Virtual Devoted Server, how do i run a credit card applicatoin periodically (ie: every Monday - 19:00). I am talking about, the applying begins instantly in a with time.

Can there be any method of doing it with Java, Ajax, PHP? (sorry, I am noob)

You may create scheduled tasks in home windows and cron jobs in linux/*nix like systems. If you're able to run programs around the server and wish to use java you should use timers to plan your task - this is a simple example.

I am presuming your server is linux. You might have the ability to do that with webmin. You will have to use command line to set up webmin and establishing a crontab from command lines are not really that difficult to do.

This is a tutorial for crontab. http://world wide web.linuxweblog.com/crotab-tutorial

What OS does the server run?