We use installed shield 2010 Express to create our contractors. As we use their built-in uninstaller to un-install our application everything appears removed when you are an explore your directory, however when we re-install to same position a lot of our hidden reigstration files still remain (I.E. when we re-install to same position it doesn't prompt for registration). I observed when you navigate to the place that the uninstalled application was once you'll have the ability to begin to see the uninstalled applications directory and all sorts of its contents. This leads me to think that whenever the un-install some kind of virtual folder still remains. Performs this seem correct? What you can do relating to this problem?

This looks very strange. Un-install usually removes every file it installed.

Some registry records might be left, whether it's unintended, then you've to alter characteristics in it.

Running un-install with verbose log msiexec /x product.msi /l*v log.txt could shed some light on exactly why files aren't removed. You should use product GUID as parameter to /x option rather than .msi package.