I've got a php-file including another html-file:

<? virtual("../top.html");?>

However , any code before include compiles and runs well, after - nothing. There isn't any errors etc. After leaving comments this line, everything works.

Code was written under local computer with ArchLinux + Light. Now I've ubuntu 10.04 with similar configuration.

What can it be?

You could try altering top.html to top.phtml and taking advantage of require_once.

<?php require_once('../top.phtml'); ?>

If you want to pass some html from personal files to your output, you might use:

<?php echo file_get_contents('../top.html'); ?>

This way, you remain in addition to the underlying webserver and also you make certain, that no php code that might be within the html has been performed.

If however you want something inside to become performed, you should use require_once() as stated by Jeremy.

Are you able to check error log from the Apache?

Also, you need to use

<?php virtual("../top.html");?>

in case your php.ini has short_open_tag = Off.