I presently have this setup:

xx.domain.com (CNAME)-> user.dyndns.org -> MY IP

Presently I've virtual hosts setup in Apache to ensure that xx.domain.com indicates one directory, and xx.domain.com:8080 indicates another.

However what I am attempting to accomplish is quite than distinguishing by ports, I wish to have the ability to have xx.domain.com and zz.domain.com indicate different sites.

How's this accomplished? ServerAlias and ServerName don't appear to operate because I suspect that user.dyndns.org is really the ServerName. Though my prediction might be incorrect.


ServerName should meet your needs. The HTTP Demands ought to be entering your server pointing towards the host through the CNAME, not user.dyndns.org -- so you ought to be OK. Possibly yours would be a port problem whenever you examined it have you set zz.domain.com to pay attention on 80 too?