I've Fedora 11 and looking to get Xen working (which It has already been) however the Virtual Machine Manager cannot discover the hypervisor.

When beginning Virtual Machine Manager, I get the following error

Error identifying default hypervisor. Couldn't populate a default connection. Make certain the right virtualization packages are installed (kvm, qemu, etc.) which libvirtd continues to be restarted to see the modification. A hypervisor connection could be by hand added via File -> Add Connection

I have restarted libvirtd a couple of occasions and attempted hooking up by hand but can't settle your differences.

Some helpful information:

# lsof | grep xen
libvirtd 2962 root mem REG 253,0 19776 13379 /usr/lib/libxenstore.so.3.0.0

# service libvirtd status
libvirtd (pid  2962) is running...

after considering the problem a little, I discovered xen is not really supported after Fedora v8

rather I have got QEMU working, required ten seconds to set up