Can you really possess a "virtual touch pad" or "virtual trackball" on the touch screen monitor?

I've several monitors and just one of these is touch screen. I'm attempting to eliminate a button and keyboard to have an application I'm focusing on and want to only use the touch screen.

I want something similar to an online touch pad on my small touch screen monitor to ensure that I'm able to slowly move the pointer to my non-touch screen monitors.

I am almost certain I saw some sample code with this several weeks back, but after hrs of searching, I am empty handed.

If anybody could point me within the right direction I'd be very grateful.

EDIT: Now at 4 hrs of searching without any luck. For those who have any ideas whatsoever, please reply.

Sometime ago, there have been this stuff known as light pens. Pens you could utilize against a nontouch CRT. I believe they still make sure they are but they are moderrately costly ($200 or more ) that might meet your needs. Baring which i think you might have the ability to make use of a IOGear digital scribe, for the way much area it covers.