I'm striving to produce a payment module. Its customers will be rerouted from the site's URL to ensure that the transaction to become processed by a 3rd party in a different URL. I'd then like clients to become rerouted to a normal 'success' page that notifies them an order would be a success. I've attempted redirecting towards the default success page (checkout.thankyou.php), however i get plenty of errors all of the constants etc. the application requires have clearly been lost throughout the redirect.

I must have the ability to retrieve the theme presently enabled within the configuration and employ it to place some fundamental HTML in to the view. I'd like to gain access to the database to do some queries.

Can anybody advise? I'm very stuck, and can't find anything helpful within the documentation! Thanks.

Are you able to become more specific about which kind of information you would like inside your success page? Should you simply want fundamental HTML, plus there is pointless you cannot just write a fundamental Joomla article and redirect to that particular rather than attempting to redirect to some VM partial. Again, whether it's just fundamental HTML (no data in the transaction), you'll be able to simply employ a code inspector (like Opera Inspect Element) to find the CSS classes you want in the template and just rely on them inside your Joomla article to really make it seem like the VM template. You'll find many of them in components/com_virtuemart/themes/default/themes.css.

If you want to display actual transaction data inside your Thanks message, be ready for a little more work. You are most likely going to need to write a cookie that contains the record data BEFORE it will get sent off-site, after which browse the cookie just just before rendering the Thanks page.