i've got something strange, i installed Joomla, and all sorts of mail functions operate in contact page... however in virtuemart after ordering something NO Mail is distributed,..to not the one who orders and never towards the owner,... any suggestiions?

I am not 100% certain how VM handles mail, but happening the assumption it's while using core Joomla mailer, you may take a look at the mail setup. My very own knowledge about the default PHP Mail Function is it is effective as lengthy as you are delivering mail to some single recipient. For those who Google the topic, you will find plenty of articles that suggest the default Joomla PHP Mail Function will not mail to multiple readers. Why this really is, I'm not sure, as PHP Mail clearly is able to achieve this.

Regardless, I have always found the easy solution is by using SMTP with password authentication (produce a devoted current email address particularly with regards to doing mailings). It is simple to setup the SMTP within Joomla by visiting Global Configuration Server Mail Configurations.