I am attempting to change a few of the Virtuemart code, in order to show products and add these to trolley, but without prices. The entire checkout process ought to be the same, however the purchase order needs to be sent without prices(a lot more like a 'quote').

It's a dependence on a task I am focusing on. I have already seen that the act of showing prices is directly connected to the 'add to cart' functionality, therefore if anybody can suggest some hint concerning how to separate these 2 benefits it will likely be a tremendous help. Thanks

Why not just take away the HTML/PHP that shows the cost within the basket, checkout page as well as in an order email?

Even better, you should use CSS to cover the cost fields so it's not necessary to touch the code or create new theme files. It ought to be as simple as adding this for your stylesheet -


Labored.. are looking for the theme.css in components/com_virtuemart/styles/yourtheme

I simply added the !important ultimately also it labored..


Obviously that does not hide the cost in the card.. but that's another factor to become solved