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I've produced a database schema diagram in Visio and produced associations between posts.

However, I'm searching for a method to result in the associations between posts more obvious. I would like the arrow for connecting column to column.

It is possible to method of doing this in Visio?


You should use the Visio Drawing tools to pressure the connection Connector to glue to specific Connection Points up for grabs Shapes:

  1. Switch on Connection Points within the View menu.
  2. Around the standard plugin discover the Connector Tool just right from the Pointer Tool. Click the little arrow and alter towards the Connection Point Tool.
  3. Hold Control and then click among the Table Shapes at the stage where you need to join the connection Connector.
  4. Perform the same alternatively Table Shape.
  5. Glue the finishes from the Relationship Connector towards the Connection Points you simply added.
  6. You'll have damaged the connection. To repair it, choose the connection Connector and examine the phrase the connection within the Database Qualities Window.
  7. Connect the fields again.

(It was examined with Visio Enterprise 2003.)

To my understanding this is the way visio draws it, which is difficult to have it to suggest in an exact column. its kinda annoying, however i guess you learn how to accept the FK markings

Should you click the relationship arrows, eco-friendly midpoints can look. You should use those to drag the connection arrow up and lower. Take care not to slowly move the endpoints, though, because Visio will disassociate that connector in the table object.

The reply is it will not, however, you can click and drag the lines around. The technique I personally use to obtain for this would be to title the FK associations and display what they are called (there's a choice to get this done in Database->Options) in order to label the associations using the column.