In company which i work with, I had been because of the chance to create a credit card applicatoin, which may replace that old Stand out workbook, which is often used to organize the development queue. Because VBA was easy and Stand out was simple to use, for couple of years this workbook was adopted by a number of individuals to plan/add changes/notes about current production status. Whole workbook has couple of feature's (more information about items are saved in various sheets, etc), but is missing a lot more.

I drew the way it appears like (I recreated it from memory, simplified design, so it may be readable):


This is just a sketch, however the original the first is as ugly, not practical and limited as that one.

I had been wishing to produce simple forms based application, that could be utilised by a minimum of a couple of people concurrently (each one of these getting their own copy, though all copies would use single MS Access database for storing information).

What should i learn about basically plan to do this? Do you know the recommendations for creating multiuser programs?

I'd should also determine if can there be in whatever way to recreate an identical layout one of free/incorporated .Internet controls? Labels and alike aren't the issue, but individuals need to maneuver individuals colorful bars easily in addition to add brand new ones in pretty simple. I understand that canvas-like controls appear in other languages and I believed about one here. Is the ideal choice or perhaps is there another, better one?

The DevExpress Winforms Scheduler is not free - but appears like it might do virtually all you need. Utilizing a component similar to this (you will find others) would definitely be less costly for the organisation than creating one on your own: plus I have found the DevExpress guys to provide top-notch support and help.

Although their samples are oriented mostly towards C# and VB.Internet, this could work all right from Handled C++.

As others have mentioned, avoid Access for data storage. If this sounds like just one-user system you might want to consider simple XML, or maybe a relational database is needed database engines for example MySQL or SQL Server would certainly be considered a better wager.

If you're already likely to re-write/reimplement that which you have, I'd avoid access.

You are most likely better off (in money and time) to purchase a control from among the large title suppliers.

As somebody who has some fairly great deal of code stuck in Access my recommendation is that if whatsoever possible go to either ms sql or ideally mysql. Don't be concerned an excessive amount of moving the db to one of these simple isn't real hard. Then you've a multitude of tools to select from. Once you slowly move the data then figure out what the best tool is. Outdoors source world provides extensive good report writing graphical tools I occur to like Birt which could run against most db's.. Access is indeed a stalemate, great for quick hacks but horrible to reside with...

  1. I would not use C++ to get this done, there's no real need. I recommend VB.Internet or C#... unless of course obviously you are already highly acquainted with C++ and never another languages.

  2. There's no free control that accompany the .Internet framework to complete that which you referred to. The 3rd party controls recommended by others listed here are great. There's also another at

  3. Multi-User networked database systems shouldn't be implemented using Microsoft Access because it does not quite work well for the reason that specific atmosphere. You could utilize something similar to WCF to interface for an access MDB file and also have all applications talk to the WCF component, but that is totally unnecessary IMO. I would suggest using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express. Very effective and free for some customers. If you wish to go free, I would suggest using Postgres rather than MySql. Case my recommendation when i believe it is a better system current with Relational Database standards.

  4. Use another 3rd party tools for example subsonic to interface together with your database. Very useful and fairly easy to use.