This really is my first WordPress site and thus a new to WordPress 3.

I am presently creating a site for any client and i'm confronted with the next issues/concerns in relation to WordPress Pages which have a Default Custom WordPress page template designated for them, which i have produced.

In fact, the entire theme I produced was from Starkers Theme.

The concerns are:

1) For my About-Us page, I've placed my CSS styles during my custom page template the About-Us Dashboard Page indicates but have joined my RawHTML which i produced and examined inside a browser just before placing it in to the Page HTML Editor, that is while using RawHTML wordpress plugin.

The issue is, on first pasting my Web coding using start raw and finish raw tags, all looks fine in preview mode although not within the Visual Editor - all format sheds.

In addition, after i edit the written text within the Visual Editor, my whole layout is screwed up. Why? Concern here's, I eventually would really like my client to complete all updates to text but when it jumbles all up, then what's the purpose of using WordPress like a Content management systems?

Don't misunderstand me please, I believe WordPress is excellent and I am hoping I'm doing a problem as being a newbie however i would love to make sure that any changes doesn't screw up the relaxation from the page format, so it appears to.

2) Adding and getting rid of images also appear to mess the page format and again do not understand why? Basically come with an image aligned right and am using WordPress Image uploader to exchange a current image, again the page format is screwed up.

The only method for this, would be to have exterior html files in which you result in the changes after which copy this into the Page HTML Editor, which again defeats the reason.

Can someone please assist me to with this particular as my client has given me all of the content they initially require in MS Word format however i am getting a lot of difficulties obtaining the format correct according to above issues.

Final point here is, I would like my client to update all content in most my Wordpress Pages however i should also make certain when he is doing (text and/or images) doesn't break the page formatting.


FROM Adam's Response:

Hi @Adam,

I truly thank you for detailed reply and we do hope you can further assist me during my queries….please, inorder to obtain me passed this hurdle I'm getting right now in relation to dynamic content that I'd like my client to alter without ruining existing page content.

According to your response so that as pointed out, I have tried personally the Starkers Theme, I've really done that which you have recommended, that's, I've produced a particular template page for my About Us page known as About-Us.php, where I've then produced an About-Us page during my Wordpress dashboard, under pages after which designated this template into it.

Making this the region that i'm unsure about and want help on, to ensure that I realize the procedure, i.e. the Dynamic Content.

My client provides us a MS Word document from the content (formatted text with styling) he wants within this "About-Us" page, along with two images the he wants aligned towards the rright-the majority of the page.

Now according to the information he wants and my About-Us.php page template, where will i place the information to ensure that he's all of the correct styling and layout needed by my client, that will also enable him with lower the track, without getting in touch with me, to create changes to his content in addition to his two images (i.e. change images), without ruining/jumbling the present page format, that's, the way in which he's presented this content in the MS Word is generate an income want the particular site to appear, even if he makes manual changes to?

1) Wouldso would this be achieved utilizing a custom About-Us.php page template?

2) Where's this content from his MS Word put into WordPress - within the dashboard page(html/visual editors) or perhaps in the About-Us.php page template which has style CSS defined?

3) Where can my client go and edit the Page content (text/images) and be sure that formatting isn't lost?

Adam, I am hoping you are able to return about this for me personally in line with the above queries like me baffled with ways to get this content into WordPress and just how to make sure that page formatting isn't lost after any updates are created.