Designers have expressed a need to deploy just one database object from the Sql Server 2008 project, like a saved procedure, without needing to make use of the build/deploy or schema comparison functions.

Make it possible for this, designers have produced their database object scripts including 'if is available.. drop' inspections towards the top of the script and also have incorporated the grant claims for that objects within their scripts.

This leads to build errors that then avoid the build/deploy or schema compare functions from operating. So then, designers mark the item as "not in build" however the item can not be used whatsoever using build/deploy or schema compare.

Has anybody found a means of rapidly implementing just one database object from visual studio that doesn't involve schema compare or build/deploy which doesn't take away the object in the normal build process? Manual copy/paste isn't a choice but scripting/macros which effectively perform the same could be viable.

Carnotaurus states write a publish-build script. So I.