I'm using Visual Studio 2010's database functionality to check database schemas. I'm evaluating database#1 and database#2. I must compare only only objects inside the same security schema inside my databases (dbo, myschemaname, etc.) instead of evaluating all objects within that database however i cannot learn how to achieve this. Does anybody have method of carrying this out? Thanks Jason

There's no built-in method to filter the examined objects according to title, only by type. Gosh, that'd be considered a nice feature to possess -- you need to file an element enhancement request with Microsoft. :-)

The only real solution I'm able to think about -- and I am reluctant to even refer to it as that -- is always to create separate logins on servers that only get access to specific schemas.

Create two other databases, db1c and db2c, which only retain the objects using the schemas you need to compare.