Visual Studio 2008 shows lots of erroneous errors when creating a website (not really a web project) within the errors list. These errors are often remedied (removed) after i rebuild the website a few occasions however they require me to pay wasted time.

Can there be anyway to cover the erroneous errors?

Update: I have made the decision to consider this to ascertain if I possibly could reproduce it. This is actually the exact behavior I'm seeing, while using website model, I type some invalid syntax on the page. The errors list fills track of errors. I correct the mistake and also the errors list doesn't update. I build the project and also the errors list still shows the errors however the build shows as build completed. I build the project again and also the errors list is removed.

My real question is there anyway to create the errors list obvious around the first build? I figured it could have something related to page build versus website build however it appears to create no difference. I'm not using any 3rd party dlls on this web site.

This most likely has related to how you reference work. If you're referencing them as DLLs rather than projects, following a clean you're going to get missing reference/undef. symbols errors before you build them.

I can not make sure that here's your situation, but I've come across this be achieved before if you have multiple projects inside your solution which have references to each other. When you are performing so, your build order should be correct. If this sounds like the situation, right-click your solution within the Solution Explorer and choose "Project Dependencies..." and make certain this looks right.

Not understanding what errors you're getting, this sounds maybe as if you possess some web server controls which are inside a seperate project, and also the order where the projects are now being put together is leading to the errors. I.e. the primary project is put together, creates errors since it aren't able to find web controls or any other dependencies, and so the other projects are put together, to ensure that whenever you compile the 2nd time the dependencies exist and also the primary project compiles effectively.

Edit: Whenever you right click on the Solution(not the project) in solution explorer, and select Qualities, there's a task Dependencies page that allows you specify the dependencies of every project. Make certain this is accurate when it comes to what's in what. Be also cautious about circular dependencies.