I can not see to locate a quick explanation from the variations in order to discover which to make use of.

The first is for any server the first is for any Database? I am not sure what which means..

Essentially we're carrying out a new web application and I wish to see what these project types can provide me when it comes to monitoring the DB code/schema etc..

SQL Server 2008 Project: this really is used to produce a SQL-CLR module, e.g. produce a saved proc, a function, an aggregate etc. in C# (or VB.Internet), that'll be run inside SQL Server.

Whenever you create this type of project, and also you click "Add New Item" in Solution Explorer, you are given the option of developing a saved procedure, a trigger, an aggregate, a person-defined function, a person-defined type or perhaps a assistant class. These all will be put together right into a .Internet set up, which is used to SQL Server and become performed inside SQL Server within the SQL-CLR runtime atmosphere.

SQL Server Database Project: measuring only an accumulation of SQL scripts to become run against a database, to produce and manipulate database objects

Inside a SQL Server Database Project, you essentially only reach add SQL scripts - .sql files. Little else, really. So it's indeed not the same as the SQL Server 2008 Project type!

The solution here does not appear to really answer the published question. "SQL Server 2008 Server Project" "SQL Server 2008 Database Project" are generally stuff that appear in Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition, but sadly while there is not one named "SQL Server 2008 Project" because the answer indicates, there's one "SQL Server Project" that suits the description. Furthermore, there is not a task type any longer known as "SQL Server Database Project" (a minimum of not in Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite), even though description given above appears to explain as well as older database projects which were at some point obtainable in Versus.

After considering it further, I am likely to reckon that marc_s does not possess the Database Edition (also known as Data Dude or DBPro) installed. Correct me if I am wrong.

Sql Server 2008 Database Projects and Sql Server 2008 Server Projects appear to complete essentially exactly the same factor. I'd have wished the Server projects could be employed for cellular phone and configuration, and alter control over a Sql Server instance, while Database Projects could be employed for individual databases included...but this does not appear to be. Has anybody really had the opportunity to look for the variations together?

After experimenting for a little, the only real difference I have been capable of finding is the fact that Sql Server 2008 Server Projects will invariably deploy towards the master database around the server you deploy to, no matter what type of database you import (master or else) whenever you produce the project. So for the reason that situation, Database Projects are for the business databases while Server Projects are particularly for that master database around the server that houses your company databases.

Edit: After hunting the VS2008 documentation just a little harder, I discovered this specs:

"Implementing Server Projects A database project can contain definitions for database objects, for server objects, or both. In many conditions, designers can alter database objects, only the database administrator can alter server objects. You are able to enforce this restriction by putting server objects inside a separate project (referred to as a server project). After that you can restrict version control to ensure that only your managers can alter the server project. Inside a staging or production atmosphere, the server project and it is objects will most frequently be used individually in the project that consists of the database objects.

You deploy a server project using the same methods that you employ to deploy a schema project."