I'm running Visual SVN Server(with Apache) on the Home windows 7 computer and network. After about 15-twenty minutes of my first commit/update, I'm not able to gain access to the repository via Tortoise SVN.

The mistake message I recieve is: OPTIONS of "https://jason/svn/repository1": couldn't connect with server (https://jason)

Restarting the Visual SVN Server service helps sometimes but fails quite frequently. The only real sure-shot method of getting it working would be to restart the pc. The server - https://jason can also be not accessible through the browser after i understand this error

1) I attempted re-installing Home windows 7, Visual SVN server and Tortoise SVN however i still keep getting this error.

2) I looked several forums however i dont appear to have the ability to locate an answer.


Perhaps you have installed the incorrect svn client, and what i mean is, are you currently managing a 64 bit machine using the 32 bit client installed?

  • look into the apache error log. It is possible that certain from the modules crashed.
  • look at your firewall (around the server and also the client), make certain it does not block anything
  • configure your virus scanner to depart apache as well as your svn client alone