I've come across this pop-on stackoverflow a couple of occasions but haven't found a great choice yet. I'm searching for tips about Vps Hosting featuring Home windows Server 2008 plus MS SQL database abilities.

I've come across people suggest webhost4life.com, hostmysite.com yet others but they don't offer home windows server 2008 hosting, only 2003. I've also checked out mosso and aspnix.com. Mosso appears just like a good move, but an wishing to locate something below $100 per month and that i often hear extremel mixed reviews on aspnix.com.

Just help.

This is actually the cheapest price that I've discovered: ASPNix

Other notable VPS website hosts which you may take a look at:

  1. VPSLand
  2. Server Intellect
  3. HostMySite
  4. GoDaddy

Update: They presently offer Win2008 for devoted servers only, virtual servers are 2003... That aside:

I am using Server Intellect and i'm happy together. Great bandwidth, excellent support (usually responds inside a couple of minutes of posting a ticket) etc. Additionally to Home windows and SQL Server their VPS also includes 'Helm' (I do not use that) and SmarterTools mail + web statistics + ticket system (I personally use all individuals).

The only real [potentially] negative factor I'm able to think about is the fact that their backup service supports individual files so a "full system" image can not be done. (Or could not before I requested them - maybe has transformed since that time). A complete system image could be neat since this means a significantly faster restore if the server would die...

Charles, are you currently using ASPNix presently? How has there "product" been so far as uptime, support and features. I presently have GoDaddy (hosting that is shared), it's reliable but...

KristoferA, unless of course I'm missing something Server Intellect doesn't offer Vps hosting with Home windows Server 2008 only 2003

I believe I've discovered one that'll be very promising. Applied.internet just arrived on the scene having a VPS package for server 2008. I've also investigated discountasp.internet that also appears like it could serve my purpose/application (they permit you to customize the trust level, that we need)

I'm using http://world wide web.accuwebhosting.com/. They're offering Hyper-V Home windows 2008 VPS - 1 GB RAM just for $23 per month.