I am a newcomer to Versus Data abilities, which is my first data generation plan. I've implemented a database utilizing a Vs2010 database project, and tried on the extender to deploy to some sql server express 2008 database. All of the tables use identity posts his or her primary secrets, and they are associated with each other with foreign secrets.

I setup an information generation plan, however when I attempt to create data by using it, the tables are merely populated from a to z, which happens to be likely to fail. The only real tables that populate properly would be the research tables and some other type of independent organizations without any FK constraints. The relaxation are missed following the first table fails.

Allegedly the generation plan determines the populace order according to FK dependencies. What went down?

edit: someone using the repetition for this should create a visual-studio-data-tools tag, since DBPro is no more (nor really has ever been) an item title.

So apparently based on this thread the information generation plan fills up if you have a table that contains merely a primary key with no other posts. It works out that certain of my independent organizations, whose only purpose would be to function as a joinder to 1 of my other tables, fit this description. After adding a harmless Description column, I could proceed fixing other issues before the generation plan completed effectively.