Carrying out a Google/Bing look for "vsdbcmd two databases diff" isn't showing me anything obvious. I simply have two databases live on a single server and I wish to diff them after which apply schemata variations from the->B. Much like I possibly could do within the VS2010 GUI.

Can anybody point me within the right direction with this?


Got this through learning from mistakes. Hope it will help the next one.

VSDBCMD /a:Import /cs:"Server=myserver;Integrated Security=true;Pooling=false;Initial Catalog=mydb" /dsp:Sql /model:sourcedb.dbschema

VSDBCMD /a:Import /cs:"Server=myserver;Integrated Security=true;Pooling=false;Initial Catalog=mydestdb" /dsp:Sql /model:mydestdb.dbschema

vsdbcmd /action:deploy /dd:- /dsp:Sql /modelfile:sourcedb.dbschema /targetmodelfile:mydestdb.dbschema /p:TargetDatabase="mydestdb" /Quiet:- /DeploymentScriptFile:diff.sql

I acquired the wrong error message about the inability to determine the schema in line with the connection string. It works out the issue didn't have "DatabaseSchemaProviders.Extensions.xml" file, I had been attempting to make a stand alone VSDBCMD distro and was without that file handy.