I've got a question. I personally use the wordpress plugin W3C Total Cache and delay pills work great !

I noted it works only on website but this is not on the admin page...

How do i do in order to minify Admin Page with W3 please ?

Thanks !

The Wordpress interface files do not have a lot of whitespace inside them, and so i doubt you'd see much improvement. The CSS and JS are minified whenever possible already.

However, this is fairly impossible on many pages, for example any page applying the Wordpress editor. Line being are needed to show the editor properly, therefore you would be breaking functionality.

You might have the ability to do gzip compression via a .htaccess file if you are terribly worried about efficiency, however it appears quite unnecessary. Blending content needs time to work, with dynamic content it's constantly altering, so recompressing it each time may really increase page load time rather than lowering it.