Full error reads:

Could not execute menu item (internal error)
[Exception] Could not perform service action:
The service has not been started

After doing a little of searching, this issue ought to be triggered by another service/process that's while using port I am attempting to use (80). After I visit Wamp->Apache->Services->Test port 80, it seems another apache program is applying that port. I am unsure where it's or the way it arrived, however i aren't able to find it installed anywhere.

Furthermore, tries to steer clear of the Apache service that's trying out the main harbour provides me with another error:

The operation could not be completed.
Access is denied.

I'd exactly the same problem and that i found Skype appeared to become the mystery program leading to the problem. For those who have Skype, kill all Skype processes and like miracle, WAMP returns to existence..

I have a similar problem, although not with Skype. My option would be to click 'Stop All Services' in the Wamp Menu, then by hand get rid of the httpd.exe processes from Task Manager. (It could have 2 httpd.exe running, kill all)

Then 'Start All Services' in the Wamp menu, and it is working again.

Hope it will help.