I simply installed the WAMP service The wamp page

The issue I'm getting is the fact that, after i try running the neighborhood host, or even the phpmyadmin it runs it instantly with my IIS7 server. Used to do stooped the IIS server from running, however it states the page it couldn't be located? How you can I avoid the IIS from beginning around the launch, since i have don't really utilize it? How do you result in the Apache my default server or something like that like this?

On each port just one server can pay attention to incoming demands. Http uses port 80 automatically also it appears like IIS is set up to pay attention on that port in your machine.

To alter this you need to edit the binding configurations of iis (in "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager" -> click Sites"Default SiteInch, then there must be a hyperlink "Bindings" around the right side from the screen). In apache you need to edit on from the config files: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/en/mod/mpm_common.html#listen and restart apache.

You are able to achieve your other webserver (not listening on port 80) by clearly indicating the main harbour number within the address: e.g. http://localhost:85/phpmyadmin