I'm focusing on site by which their are user profiles, now I wish to display the profiles names or say username through .htaccess. For instance: my website possess a profile of 1 user the hyperlink is offered


and that i want .htaccess to show this


How do i do that through .htaccess?

The strategy is known as URL Spinning. Take a look sites out:

  1. URL Rewriting Guide (Apache)
  2. URL Rewriting (Your HTML Source)

Warning: Untested code

You must have b .htaccess file like

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^projects/uklasertherapy/profile/([a-zA-Z])/$ projects/uklasertherapy/profile.php?name=$1

Where profile.php would go ahead and take variable name in the GET parameter and obtain the page for that user with this title.