I'm thinking about making a credit card applicatoin that may instantly figure out what files are incorporated in php.

What I am bothering is the fact that I must make whether C/C++ or perhaps a C# application that runs without anyone's knowledge so that as you are developing in your local machine, it may display incorporated files by php while you launch pages running in your local apache.

Things I considered ended up being to customize the function in php source code, however I figured that might be an awful idea because then each latest version of php, I'd need to go back making exactly the same modifications and that i doubt everybody would do this.

So my real question is, could it be remotely easy to get all of the incorporated files that the php application used after which in some way display these to the consumer without needing get_incorporated_files() inside your php program?

You can go outdoors of PHP completely and depend around the underlying operating-system to report these particulars. It might be hard to match the request towards the includes though therefore it would only operate in an improvement situation.

When the OS is Linux/UNIX, you are able to run strace around the executable (presuming using Apache with mod_php, other situations harder).

When the OS is Home windows, I am unsure things to use but possible among the SysInternals utilities (the majority are GUI but likely there's a console same as strace or perhaps a version of strace for Home windows).

Another option is to make use of xdebug. It might demonstrate a lot more information including profiling particulars, memory usage, etc. It's used like a PHP extension also it does allow it to be simple to profile an entire request in a single snapshot. After you have a trace file, you should use WinCacheGrind (Home windows), kCacheGrin (UNIX, maybe OS X too) then one else for OS X. I'd suggest trying this because it is the easiest approach and it is quite effective if you're searching to accomplish this instead of do exploratory programming.


If you are looking at doing exploratory programming, my recommended route is always to take a look at how xdebug works and try to write a hook towards the functions you need to trace.