everybody. I have been experimentation with Cacao and Objective-C programming around the Mac for any couple of several weeks now, and i'm attempting to start developing programs that manage considerable amounts of information. Unfortunately, I am not necessarily sure how to start with databases.

I've got a good background in Java programming with SQLite. I have read a little about CoreData and that i weren't capable of finding worthwhile assets just for by hand hooking up towards the database. I am searching for recommendations.

Must I try CoreData, and when so, can anybody recommend a great tutorial for somebody a new comer to the word what? Or, must i attempt to by hand connect and query an SQLite database in some way, and, if that's the case, any lessons? Any help could be greatly appreciated!


Browse the very awesome Flying Meat Database. This is an Objective-C wrapper round the C SQLite API and causes it to be really quite simple to cope with SQLite databases in Cacao.

Oh, and it comes with some sample code, that is pretty clear to see and it is half way decent said. Odds are that 99% of anything you will want related to a SQLite database are shown within the example.

For me, if you are using other things to gain access to a SQLite database (that isn't a CoreData store), you are doing the work wrong.

Apple has several Core Data lessons such as this: http://developer.apple.com/cocoa/coredatatutorial/index.html

If you wish to use sqlite, only use the sqlite C API: http://www2.sqlite.org/cintro.html