Warm Standby SQL Server/Web Server

This might fall under the IT category but because the lead developer I have to develop a strategy to integration in addition to pure software issues.

We simply moved our web server off page and today I must have a warm standby of both website and database (SQL 2005) on-site. Do you know the guidelines for carrying out carrying this out using the following atmosphere?

Off-site: our website and database (SQL 2005) take presctiption one Home windows 2003 server. There's a firewall while watching server making replication or database reflecting no option. A vpn can also be no option.

My ideas like a developer would write something which runs in the remote site to zip up and ftp the database backup for an ftp server on-site. Then another process would unzip the backup and restore it towards the warm standby database here.

I suppose I possibly could do that with the site too.

I'd most probably to any or all ideas including 3rd party solutions.

If you prefer a remote standby you most likely wish to consider a log shipping solution.

This short article will let you out. Previously I needed to develop one of these simple solutions for that identical problem, writing it on your own is fairly simple. The benefit you receive with log shipping is you be capable of restore to the time and also you avoid shipping these large heavy full backup copies around and rather ship light transaction log backup copies, and from time to time a large backup.

You need to bear in mind that transaction log backup copies are useless without getting both entire sequence of transaction log backup copies along with a full backup.

You've precisely the right idea. You can maybe write a script that will place what they are called from the files that you simply moved right into a table that the warm server could read. Your work could then just poll this table at times and never be worried about timing.

Ignore that - just found this. Seems like what you're aiming to complete. http://world wide web.sqlservercentral.com/articles/Giving/customlogshipping/1201/

Just connect to the content sambo99. Transaction log shipping was my original idea, however i ignored it since the servers aren't within the same domain not really in the same time frame zone. My only approach to moving the files from point A to suggest B is by FTP. I will test out just shipping the transaction logs. And find out if there's a method to fire off a restore job at given times.

world wide web.FolderShare.com is a great tool from Microsoft. You can log ship to some local directory after which synchronize your directory holiday to a machine. You might syncrhronize the web site folders too.

"Place it and end up forgetting it" type solution. Setup your SQL jobs to obvious older files and you will never need to edit anything following the initial install.

FolderShare (free, in beta) is presently restricted to 10,000 files per library.

For those interested the next question also ties into my overall intend to implement log shipping:

SQL Server sp_cmdshell