To begin with, I've a while reading through this site and that i find quite interesting, this content also offers many questions and therefore are very entertaining.

My real question is about handling my incoming mail server, whether you utilize PHP, Perl, or Python.

I don't care, let's say I would like may be the result that ought to be as near to: I send an e-mail to, this publish will prove to add a situation for example photos, when the mail reaches the server, the server takes to process mail and copy the attached files, within this situation the photos to some folder / home / public_html / photos after which, if at all possible inform you whether it was effective or otherwise.

Ahead of time thanks greatly. And That I hope and can be achieved. ñ_ñ

Setup a pipe alias in /etc/aliases then restart the MTA:

update: |/usr/local/bin/myscript

Then simply have the script send an e-mail once it's done processing.