I just read here ways to get into an Apache password protected directroy via dircet link to the easy:


that actually works in FF/Chrome/Safari, and clearly not in IE7! :)

Are you aware how could i recieve right into a psw protected directory creating perhaps a login form and taking advantage of GET/Publish to go into?

Should i set a session prior to getting in or I'm able to simply pass towards the protected directory the consumer and password as GET/Publish parameters? (Within this last situation what reputation for parameters must i use?)


What you are mentioning to is HTTP authentication, and isn't handled with URL parameters or Publish data.

A HTTP client must handle it directly.

Now, for those who have no treatments for the password protected directory, there is nothing that you can do.
If, however, you have control and wish to offer an HTML login form, you have to alter the approach to authentication and, rather than depending on HTTP authentication, get it done via URL parameters or Publish data. It can be done not utilizing a different authentication type module for any Apache (always another-party one, because Apache only supports HTTP Fundamental and Digest authentication), or, more reasonably, doing the authentication with PHP and controlling a session.