I've integrated the Facebook Social Wordpress plugin into my Joomla Website. I've got a Like button along with a Comment box.

How do i get informed when somebody's Likes the page?
How do you view a listing of customers who Loved the page?
How do you get informed when someone comments around the page?

Are you currently using XFBML or perhaps an iframe to implement so on button? I If you are using XFBML, you are able to give Facebook a callback function whenever a celebration happens through Facebook. When someone 'likes' your web page, Facebook creates a celebration known as 'edge.create', as listed here.

You will get some good info out of your customers via http://www.facebook.com/insights.

Similarly, when someone comments in your page, a 'comments.add' event is fired.

There's more details concerning the Facebook 'like' button in Facebook's own documentation.


Knowing out of this passage present in Facebook's documentation :

The XFBML version is much more versatile, but requires utilisation of the JavaScript SDK. The XFBML dynamically re-dimensions its height based on whether you will find profile pictures to show, provides you with the power (with the Javascript library) to listen for like occasions to ensure that you realize instantly whenever a user clicks so on button, also it always provides the user a chance to add an optional comment towards the like.

It does not appear to become so.