The web site we running let people register their very own URL and redirect to the web site to their user account. Allows it's something such as where customers might have their very own URL.

The issue is that to be able to do that we have to have static Ip for that DNS redirection to operate. We are able to easily get static IP addresses from most website hosts, but when we change our webhost this means we will need to pressure all of our customers to alter their DNS setting to the new Ip. This if very problematic.

It is possible to method of possessing our very own Ip that people may take it around to wherever webhost we opt with? Or there there other simpler solutions available?

This is often fixed using DNS. Produce a single DNS "A" record that points "" for your current Ip. When all your customers register their very own URL, rather than getting them setup "A" records, they have to setup a "CNAME" record that points to "". In case your IP changes later on, you just need to alter the "A" record for "" after which the many other DNS records will instantly be up-to-date.

I'd never create CNAMEs, that's kinda strange and never scalable (yet another factor to complete)...

just produce a wildcard inside your An archive known as *

the standard factor to complete is produce a new domain only for this, like * and work the below example with this, lots of known web services make use of this technique.

then inside your default file or web.config or whatever file is the site configuration, produce a simple method that get's the domain, for instance the Server Variable SERVER_Title

after which redirect the consumer to their personal account.

in C#

string server = Request.ServerVariables["SERVER_Title"]

if ( server.Consists of("world wide web.")  server.Consists of("blog.") )

primary site or blog correspondingly


world wide", user))

For this reason domains are helpfull abstractions. The IP can alter as lengthy because the domain is registered towards the new address. Do your homework about Dynamic DNS. You'll like what you will see.

http://world wide