Hi I've got a condition in my website which am focusing on localhost. I'm using pretty web addresses during my localhost.I've custom page templates for the sites every page includes a different header and footer and also the content inside it.

I made use of

<div class="btn_container"><a href="issues/?page_id=1038" class="btn_1" title="Food"></a></div>
<div class="btn_container"><a href="index.php?cat=155" class="btn_3"  title="Health"></a></div> 

The Issue I must get request parameters in wordpress and query the db against these request query string parameters. And it doesn't path to this site template.

I've hard-coded URL as with the above mentioned divs.


A webpage template is designated towards the page with the admin panel: 1. Visit the admin panel 2. click pages 3. pick the page you've produced 4. pick the template around the right hands side.

Simply connecting to it doesn't assign web site towards the page much like your example is showing.

Would you simply grab the hyperlink id in the URL like

$link_id = $_GET['page_id']; // this would equal 1038 from your example link