I am coding following CGI script

echo "Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8\n\n"
echo "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>title</TITLE></HEAD>"
echo "<BODY>"
echo "<FORM ACTION="http://exapmle.com/page2.cgi" NAME="PAGE1" METHOD="POST">"
echo "input:<INPUT TYPE=text NAME="data1" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=10>"
echo "<INPUT TYPE=submit NAME=nbtn VALUE='GO TO PAGE2'>"
echo "</FORM>"
echo "</BODY>"
echo "</HTML>"

Ways to get valiable in CGI produced by /bin/sh + Apache I'm glad gime me sample cord

Within the CGI script, you obtain it as being a parameter to primary, so it ought to be in certain place pointed by argv

Apache runs the cgi exactly like you:

script.cgi var1

And also the parameters have been in argv, which means this:

printf("%s", argv[1]);

Will output