I'm focusing on core php in which i've to create use apple iphone on server side. I must call all of the functionality that on-site(produced in wordpress) My issue is while making user login module I found realize that some internal functions+information are utilized in wordpress to transform password string into particular encripted password. I acquired the next function

function wp_hash_password($password) {
    global $wp_hasher;

    if ( empty($wp_hasher) ) {
        require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-includes/class-phpass.php');
        // By default, use the portable hash from phpass
        $wp_hasher = new PasswordHash(8, TRUE);

    return $wp_hasher->HashPassword($password);

can anybody let me know how do i create a function that'll be just like those of wordpress password function ?

Well, I guess you could utilize almost the identical function. Just make certain you load the wordpress class in the right place inside your application.