Hope this is not "too" niche, since the CSS involved likely is applicable in other spots.

I am dealing with the brand new Twenty Ten theme in WordPress 3 beta/nightlies, and I'd enjoy it when the drop-lower sub-menus (Pages/custom menus) would expand towards the width of whatever is within them, instead of wrap the products at 130px.

Here's a good example page setup that consists of only the appropriate HTML and also the Twenty Ten theme CSS file: http://almostexciting.com/wordpress-twentyten-menu.html

I have attempted altering the "width" for that link products to some "min-width", which does not work - nor does completely getting rid of it. I can not appear to discover every other styles which are rigid the width from the menu products, so I am a bit eager for help.

Been tearing this factor up in Firebug for too lengthy now.

Take away the defined width for the links.

Add this:

#access ul ul a {white-space: nowrap;}


#access .menu-header ul, div.menu ul {background-color: #333;}