I have produced a custom coponent for joomla and I have produced a menu which uses that component and hang a template for your menu. The truth is after i visit the url test.com/index.php?option=com_mycomponent, still it uses the default template rather than web site which i place it to.

in a nutshell: The component works, only it's while using wrong template.

You're missing the Itemid for that food selection inside your URL. The Itemid is exactly what Joomla uses to find information about recption menus item, that is what your secondary template is designated to. With no Itemid, Joomla uses the machine defaults.

If you possess the internet search engine friendly links switched on, Joomla will appear in the corresponding food selection within the database for you personally. For the reason that situation, you wouldn't need to specify the Itemid, but you would need to make use of the menu item's URL because the base rather than index.php?option=com_mycomponent.

FP is appropriate-on concerning the Itemid. Additionally, you may also append a &template=[templatename] towards the Hyperlink to pressure any component in Joomla to make use of the required template.

  • matt