I have to perform a WCF service in conclusion the database access. I don't want the plan to be bind to the specific database. Actually, it'll only gets to be a query and returns a dataset. no treatement around the data is going to be completed in the service and so i want pure performance however it have to be secure too.

Really, I believe using perCall session, internet.tcp binding and certificate autentification on side. (it is a WAN application)

Still, can someone give some advices around the configuration which i should use?(Kind of Session,Kind of binding,Kind of security,etc..)

It may sound like you might take benefit of WCF Data Services.

WCF Data Services (formerly referred to as "ADO.Internet Data Services") is really a element of the .Internet Framework that allows you to definitely create services that make use of the Open Data Protocol (OData) to expose and consume data over the internet or intranet using the semantics of representational condition transfer (Relaxation). OData exposes data as assets which are addressable by URIs. Information is utilized and transformed by using standard HTTP verbs of GET, PUT, Publish, and Remove. OData uses the entity-relationship conventions from the Entity Data Model to reveal assets as teams of organizations which are related by associations.