I produced a WCF service inside my machine, I located it under IIS, it really works fine. i quickly compile my service , and that i place the compile code at remote server. i located it under IIS on remote server. however when i attempt to eat it during my client inside my own machine it create the following error.

This content type text/html charset=utf-8 from the response message doesn't match this content kind of the binding (application/cleaning soap+xml charset=utf-8). If utilizing a custom encoder, make sure that the IsContentTypeSupported technique is implemented correctly. The very first 1024 bytes from the response were: '

i quickly attempt to open it up at remote server using browser. after i click the link for wsdl it states bad request or invalid host title. what is the issue.

The "content type" error is really created about the client side because IIS is delivering an HTML reaction to your cleaning soap request. The reason is often the virtual directory in IIS is not correctly set up or that WCF is neglecting to initialize. The items in the IIS response can often be really useful in debugging these problems. To examine that HTML, make use of a tool like Fiddler to intercept and evaluate the HTTP traffic throughout your request.

When the intercepted HTTP traffic is not useful, then start troubleshooting IIS by developing a simple HTML only page (something similar to test.html) within the folder in which the WCF service .svc file is situated. Try acessing that page with the browser. When the browser properly shows the page contents then IIS is working and the issue is within the WCF config. Depending on your two errors, I'd if you have an IIS config problem within the virtual directory for that service.