I really hope this can be a nintendo wii. I've got a WCF service running on IIS port 4040. I've added the next headers for this service

4040 (non load balanced domain)

4040 localhost

So in your area I'm able to reference this particular service as http://localhost%3A4040/service.svc and through the properly accredited domain title. This really is not a problem for the services about this machine, I'm able to reference everything by localhost:4040

The problem comes after i attempt to can get on from another server (once we produce other applications that require to eat the service)

I recieve a 404 error, and wondered if the service is defaulting to being uncovered on localhost loopback (127...1) therefore can't be utilized.

The endpoint is understood to be such:

 <service behaviorConfiguration="ClaimChaseBehavior"


    <endpoint address=""


              contract="Domain.EClaims.DataInterfaces.IClaimChase" />

    <endpoint address="mex" binding="mexHttpBinding"

              contract="IMetadataExchange" />


Notice I do not define a previous address. The reason behind this really is to allow us possess a common config file (we want to circumvent determining machine domain names/addresses and therefore multiple configs)

It is possible to method to result in the WCF default towards the machine IP rather than the loopback connector without determining the particular domain title

Hope this will make sense



When you are hosting your merchandise in IIS, the address from the service is defined and controlled through the location of the *.svc file - you can't override that by determining base addresses or explicit address in your service endpoints.

The service address will always be:



Look at your web config. Perhaps you have spesified the address from the service is localhost?


On second ideas, it's just like a firewall problem, is port 4040 blocked with a local firewall?