I'm likely to migrate my VPS functions to some my Azure subscription. I've the free 3 year bizSpark subscription which provides me 20 cores, 6 located services and 5 storages. In my opinion this really is 2 small instances.

My Primary goal would be to transfer my 10 approximately WCF programs that we presently operate on a IIS7. server.

The number of WCF services can i host with my Azure?

Ive been reading through about and having fun with Azure all day long, but nonetheless completely confused what it really all does. From my current playing, it appears each WCF service needs its very own located service, that i only ahve 6 of? or am I getting confused. Perform the WCF services have to be include a 'hosted service'?


Allow me to find out if I'm able to help a little:

  • Home windows Azure is really a platform where one can deploy programs towards the cloud and never be worried about building the plumbing for underlying infrastructure or features for example caching, identity management, etc.
  • Each Home windows Azure subscription has multiple deployment slots, or Located Services. This really is restricted to 6, meaning you are able to deploy as much as six complete deployment packages (with each deployment package composed of a number of Virtual Machine instances).
  • Each Virtual Machine, also known as a job, occupies a particular quantity of cores. A Little role uses 1 core, medium=2, large=4, and additional large=8.
  • BizSpark provides you with 1500 core-hrs monthly. Should you went a little role instance to have an entire month, you'd consume just below 750 hrs. Thus, you are able to run 2 Small role instances 24x7 but still fit inside the 1500 incorporated core-hrs.
  • Your bank account is assigned at 20 cores, meaning you are able to fire up your role instances beyond 2. However, should you went this 24x7, you'd start taking on costs. Should you keep the monthly consumption under 1500 core-hrs, you are fine. So, should you went all 20 cores for twenty-four hrs, you'd consume 20x24=480 core-hrs. At this rate, you'd consume your incorporated hrs within three days.
  • Each Role is basically Home windows Server 2008 R2. An Internet Role differes from Worker Role for the reason that an internet Role has IIS enabled.
  • Each Deployment (e.g. Located Service) may expose as much as 25 externally-facing endpoints (e.g. tcp, http, or https ports). You might host a WCF service on all of your uncovered ports
  • You might host all your WCF services in one role, or put them in separate roles. Your decision, really. It's less costly to host in one role, as possible are in possession of your whole service stack running by 50 percent instances. However that, for those who have one very busy service, and also the remaining services relatively idle, peak service can starve any other services. So sometimes it's advantageous to split up services into different roles, and scale accordingly.
  • Observe that I stated you are able to run my way through 2 instances. Should you only host in a single instance, you'll incur periodic down time whenever that instance is restarted (e.g. hardware failure, Role Instance OS upgrade, or Host OS upgrade).

You need to really download the Home windows Azure Platform Training Package. There, you will find easy-to-follow labs that take you step-by-step through all of the fundamentals, hosts, implementing to multiple roles, etc.

Best of luck!

That you can do nearly anything with Azure so do not get overcome.

We'll begin with using what includes your subscription. All individuals cores, services and storage accounts are what available for you to deploy to, but that's not associated with what you'll get free of charge, anybody who subscribes to have an account will get use of individuals. You are able to deploy a job to 1 of individuals services which uses two extra small instances and never get billed. Should you deploy anything further than that, you're going to get billed, even when it isn't presently running.

For the WCF services, should you presently ask them to all used on only one IIS box, you need to have the ability to create one Web role and configure it to host multiple sites. However, should you have only extra small instances, with respect to the assets your programs use, they might not perform perfectly (e.g. extra small instances have only 750MB of ram). If this sounds like the situation you will have to create several web role and host as numerous of the programs in each web role since you need.