A typical problem for WCF seems to become the way the hostname is resolved inside the wsdl for that links with other files. The problem would be that the machine title from the computer is positioned in to the wsdl to link another wsdl files, if you visit http://myhost/service.svc it might indicate the relaxation from the wsdl on another location, ie http://mypc/service.svc?wsdl which clearly is one thing you can't see externally.

You will find a couple of solutions available with this already, this being the most popular one. Where one can setup the host header.

My real question is, how do i deal with this when utilizing an exterior IP. I am hooking up to some clients mind-office using their web site to retrieve data, it is not setup having a dns etc and also the ip re-routes to some machine internally. Can there be in whatever way to pressure the equipment hosting the WCF to provide the exterior address within the wsdl files as opposed to the machine title?

I am using SSL for that connection, which might really make a difference (just like the host headers).

You have to configure the host header for secureBingings of website within IIS.

Here's articles about WCF WSDL &lifier xsd:import schemaLocations connect to local machine title not domain title while located in IIS

Yes, you are able to set an Ip because the host header. Just make certain the exterior Ip is really recognized internally too. I learned this hard way much more our projects, we're utilizing an ISA Server as proxy.

Should you ever experienced this type of situation, but you just insist upon while using exterior Ip because the host header, then you definitely only choice is to include the equipment title from the web service in to the hosts file.