During my company, we are a java developer team. For any project, we have to select a web cms (wcms) first. Are we able to select a php one ? can we then need to learn php because our customer has some particular demands so we are likely to need to plug our very own features...

or are we able to add our plug ins in java and try to connect them ? and it is it common to achieve that ? we can not manage to learn php thinking about time we've

do you consider we'd better turn towards java content management systems ? For the reason that situation, did any one of you have dotcms, I just read good quality reviews..

thanks !

Obtaining a Content management systems designed in PHP to carry out a Java wordpress plugin is not impossible, however i wouldn't really recommend it. Try going to http://cmsmatrix.org that will help you compare different CMSes on a variety of feature sets to locate one which works good for you.