I'm a novice in web technology so pardon me if the question sounds too silly/simple. I'm utilizing a free website hosting service and published my simple html website onto it, the main problem may be the website is not view-able during my country. However the service companies say they are able to view it working fine. The hosting servers are located in US this might be the main reason?

I'd first eliminate DNS like a potential reason. Perform a dnslookup query and find out if querying your domain returns any improvements or otherwise.

Otherwise: it may be the issue.

Modify your hosts file so that your domain resolves towards the IP you've. This can make sure that when type yourdomain.com, your computer will resolve the address, and can get you towards the server. If the works, i.e you can observe your website, probably DNS changes haven't propagated for your country.

Possibly, wait a later date and it'll.

Should you still can't call at your website despite hosts file change, you may have server config issues.

should you choose get results (and it wasn't any of these problems), please publish that which you did. It could help someone later on.