I've been reading through a little about Web Matrix, I love the simpleness from it. But must i even bother should i be already using VS2010 professional? I believed maybe for small clients that are looking an easy site having a blog it may make things faster? Could it be worth searching more into?

And when I actually do create a simple site with wordpress with web matrix, I ought to still have the ability to host it with an apache server, despite the fact that web matrix is really a microsoft product?


The question can use some fine-tuning. You are asking which IDE to make use of, however, you you actually mean simple - (Webpages as well as Packages like WordPress) versus complex - traditional ASP.Internet (Web Forms as well as MVC).

Nevertheless, Microsoft is acknowledging the different minimalist actions happening within their community. Individuals are rejecting the concept that the complexness from the ASP.Internet, WCF, IoC, DDD is essential in each and every project.

Using this movement the thing is projects like OpenRasta and OWIN are pushing for simpler servers and services. While projects like Nancy turn to simplify the applying stack. And dapper and massive both of them are tries to simplify data access.

Microsoft's solutions for this are asp.net web pages, supporting php, and such things as WCF Web API.

For your own personel direction, you have to determine if the advantage of getting a less complicated choice is well worth the effort of learning multiple frameworks (say webpages for straightforward and mvc for complex), or if you wish to can just learn one framework and pay a productivity penalty when putting the proverbial square peg inside a round hole.

WebMatrix is one of the programming framework as opposed to the IDE. You should use Versus to produce WebMatrix sites, that has several advantages within the WebMatrix IDE including Intellisense. Actually should you open a website within the WebMatrix IDE and also have Versus installed you're going to get an "Open in Visual Studio" icon around the plugin.

I'd certainly recommend using WebMatrix for more compact sites.