I frequently have to create small web pages on your own. I usually take some good out-of-this area page design to obtain began but I'd rather not spend your time creating it or creating the CSS in line with the PSD designs. I already exhausted the couple of options I possibly could find: Visual Studio 2010 sample ASP application design, HTML5 Boilerplate and Open Source Web Design...

Please produce a hyperlink to some website where I'm able to download free top quality all-purpose web designs will be able to immediately begin using. I am certain that there's a minumum of one web page such as this that's recognized to all web-developers besides me. The designs ought to be

  • Free
  • Simple
  • All-purpose
  • Generic
  • Easily extension

Disclaimer: I'm activated to numerous design-related Nourishes, I Researched every variation I possibly could develop but all of the freebies I appear to locate is overcomplicated Wordpress templates or special designs where I can not even alter the background image.

Twitter Bootstrap has some fundamental layout templates within the "Ramp UpInch section - here's an example. You are able to literally view source and copy/paste the HTML to your application to edit.

(I have reached think you have often seen this already, but needed to bring it up since it seems like precisely what you are searching for.)